Sunday, April 1, 2012

Burn dirt with a mind full of hurt

I really cannot express the extent of my concern. My friends, you have been swindled. We are the people of this country and we are the hostages of a rogue government.

Understanding that there is a problem is easy... The solution is somewhat more troubling. The measure of our success is dependent on changing the system. 

But first, a word on systems...

Systems, in this context, emerge as a way of regulating a group or setting. But before going any further.. we need to understand what is meant by systems. 

(Please go look up the word in a dictionary. Press 'Ctrl+T,' type 'Dictionary.com,' type 'System,' and read at least the first seven definitions.)

(Directions relevant to Google Chrome browser, other browsers may possess different hot keys.)

Abstractly speaking, systems are capable of controlling the conditions presented by any given group.  They can be found wherever order is sought.  Meaning they are basically everywhere.  Micro-social hierarchies and world governments are examples of systems in the abstract.  For the purpose of this discussion systems are related to social settings, in this context they are a byproduct of the setting. And beyond that they are a reflection of the setting they emerged from. 

Recognizing the correlation between systems and the settings they emerge from is the most important Idea here. Because this means that the setting has a direct influence on the system; this means that changing the system starts with changing the components. In short... The system is dynamic and the change we’re looking for is in Us.

As a matter of notice: We have Changed. The problem is that we have changed more than the system is ready to accept. Systems control.. and what has been happening is a power struggle. On one side is a system that wants us to stop changing so that it can remain the same and on the other side is a population that is excited about growing into a new form of communication and connectivity. 

We will continue to change. And while I'm sorry to say this, in the short term we must appease the current system, lest it take to the spurs and attempt to crush the revolution that we have waiting in the wings. In order effect change properly we must appease the current system so that it can adapt to our new ideals. Translated simply this means appeasement and opting out. 

By opting out I mean that we must remove ourselves from the elements that is uses to control us, we must strengthen our independence and wane our dependence on the systems means of sedation. This means we stop must stop exploiting the loopholes they have given us. This means no more state dependence. This means paying your taxes and not expecting a return. This means buying local. This means utilizing traditional ways of entertainment. This means taking what you need instead of all you want. This means giving what you have in excess to those who need it more. This means we work together to improve the quality of life for all the people on this planet. This means that even if we fail, we try.. and when we fail.. we try again.

Appeasing the system allows it to go quietly into that good night while opting out strips it of its control over our society. 

It sounds like an oxymoron, I know. How does giving in accomplish our goal? Appeasement reduces the need for further restrictions and opting out removes the need for the restrictions already in place.